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June 24, 2012

First Bible Study

I led my first Bible study today at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.  It was a little rough, but everyone was friendly, just as they have been since I first time I attended.  Except, now people are learning who I am.  I have just entered the line of seminarians who have completed or are doing their field work at Mount Calvary.  What touched me today was how fondly they spoke of their previous seminarians and how much they already are missing them.  This is a community that fully embraces those that they commune with.  It made me happy that not only recently had my beloved friend and pastor Will Hanke accept a call there, but now that I was there too being introduced to the community and have already begun my adventure with them.  I feel blessed to be there, and I know I will be challenged and stretched within a loving and fostering community.  I'm going to try to take in everything I can these next couple years with this congregation and I know I will be better for it.

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