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June 17, 2012

Week 1

      My first week of classes is finally over.  It has been one of excitement as I begin to learn the language in which our Lord's testament was written.  There will be many beneficial reasons for learning the Greek, as I already have been shown some in my first week.  There are a lot of nuances in the Greek language that don't quite make it into the English that add depth to the texts.  At the end of the week, we already are able to read out loud from out Greek New Testaments.  We have learned how to conjugate verbs in the present indicative, and have some vocabulary words to memorize over the weekend.
      Aside from class, I have already begun to make friends with my classmates.  I gathered contact information from all of them and compiled a list to share with the class.  Because of that, today we are already having our first class social event.  We are going to Schlafly Bottleworks to tour the brewery and have lunch.  Getting a taste for the rest of the culture at the seminary has also been pretty exciting.  It's a place I know that not only will my faith be challenged, but I will grow immensely and make great friendships, as I already have started doing.
      Please pray that Marie and I continue to meet new people and develop relationships with them.  Also, that through the course of the seminary that our faiths are built up strong as we press into Christ to know Him more.  Finally, that I will be able to persist in learning Greek so that I will be able to open up the New Testament not only for myself but so I can take those around me deeper into the Word of our Lord.  Thank you!


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