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June 27, 2012


Words are very important.  The written word is a string of characters put together in a certain way to convey meaning.  Spoken word is a string of sounds put together to convey meaning.  This ability to convey meaning through words that we have is unique in creation to the human race.  Words give life to ideas.  They have the power to create and to destroy.  Relationships can be built up by them, or torn apart.  Unfortunately, the ideas expressed by words, and words themselves, can convey different meanings to different people.  With this in mind, we need to be careful and consider the words we express.  When speaking or writing, we need to consider our audience.  We need to consider their demographic features, their culture, their experience.  When we don't, we risk conveying an idea to them that is different than the one we intended.  This is something that I especially need to take extra special care about heading into the ministry.  Not everyone perceives like I do because not everyone has the same experience, thoughts, and beliefs as I do.  This is a hard lesson.  I pray that I will be able to take into consideration my words and how they could be interpreted before I write or speak them so I will never tear down when I intend to build up, destroy when I intended to create, or be misunderstood in any other way.

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