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July 31, 2012

And so it continues

I know that some people will look down on this post, but that's okay. I want to be honest with all of you about where I am at. I'm discouraged. I'm still underemployed (thanks government for the fancy label) at the Gap where my hours have been dwindling to under 10 hours a week. I did not hear back from Stephen Ministries. After a positive three hour interview and them telling me it would be three weeks before I heard anything, I was expecting at least an email saying that I wasn't approved for a candidacy. But the silence continues. After two awesome interviews with Abstrakt Marketing, I spent an hour and a half waiting in the lobby for my third interview. They had forgotten I was there. So I moved on from that opportunity. It's been almost a week since my second interview with PNC Bank and I've yet to hear anything back. So the cycle continues:

1. Apply for lots of jobs
2. Interview for one
3. Hear nothing back
4. Repeat

The cycle is really wearing me down. I'm discouraged with the whole process. Although I'm trying to take hope in God that He will care for us in the meantime, it's hard.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties in work. I don't know what sort of work you're looking for, but my agency has openings for Youth Care Specialists in Webster Groves. It's full time work, but I don't know how much it pays. If you like kids, it might be something to at least get you out of your slump. Let me know if you'd like any details, and know that He is still watching over you, even when it gets rough :(


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