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July 12, 2012


I was doing good today up until the time that we took communion in chapel.  I received the sacrament and went back down to my pew to sit and pray.  As I started praying, it hit me.  Something slipped from my head knowledge to my heart knowledge.  As I started praying, I gave thanks that I could commune with God and other believers.....and there it happened.

We say that when we take communion, not only are we communing with God, but we are also communing with all other believers.  By it's very nature, communion is something that transcends the physical, meaning it is not bound by distance.  When we take communion, we are communing with those believers in other parts of the United States, with believers in Europe, Africa, China, and everywhere else too.

But not only does communion transcend distance, it also transcends time.  This is a two part point.  Not only are we communing with those who "have come before us and are yet to come," but with those who have come before us, it's not a passive act as it seems, but an active one.  We are actively communing with them because as they passed, they passed into eternity and are into true communion with Christ.  They are active, not dead but alive, and in communion with Him all the time.  We commune with the church militant, those here still fighting the battle on earth, as well as with the church triumphant, those who have died with Christ and are now with Him waiting for the Resurrection.

And it was in that moment that I thought about how I just communed with my grandma.  Friends in Christ are friends forever.  I don't want to make this sound like my connection with grandma, or our connection with the church triumphant, should be the focus of communion.  By far, the most important part of communion is taking Christ's body and blood which reminds us of His sacrifice and directly connects Him with us.  But it's still joyful to be reminded that the body of Christ really does transcend time and space, and that when we commune, the church militant is getting a taste of what the church triumphant has already gained in full.

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