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July 14, 2012

A Funeral and a Wedding

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, Timothy and I attended both a funeral and a wedding. Almost seems like something right out of Hollywood. Timothy's grandmother, Irma Roth, was buried beside the love of her life, Hilmer Roth, in the morning. That evening, we celebrated with Timothy's cousin Katie as she married Paul. Throughout the day, we were able to celebrate two of life's emotional moments.

We said our final goodbyes to Irma with heavy hearts, but took comfort in the fact that she has received her heavenly reward. As a woman of strong faith, Irma has been called home to heaven and reunited with her Lord and all the loved ones who went before her, including her husband. It was really a happy moment, despite the tears. She also is free from the pain of cancer that ravaged her body at the end. She is truly at rest, worshiping her Lord. It was truly a triumphant celebration.

Katie and Paul made a commitment to each other and began their lives as husband and wife. It was another joyous celebration of how our Lord works and how He loves. Katie and Paul truly understand what it means to love unconditionally and I'm excited for them as they begin their family.

Overall, it was a very emotional day. We celebrated with joy two life changing moments, both of which were guided by God. I also think that celebrating new life (both new life in Christ and new life in a new family) twice in one day was amazing, albeit exhausting.

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