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July 21, 2012

Resting in Jesus

I have been leading a Bible study on Sunday mornings about resting in Jesus. Two weeks ago we read through Ecclessiastes 1 and 2 to talk about the problem of restlessness. Then last week we read part of Genesis 2 to look at the cause of restlessness. This week we are finally looking at the solution of restlessness by looking both at Ecclessiastes 3 and 1 Kings 19.

In Ecclessiastes 3, Solomon is saying to take enjoyment in our life and work, because if we're always pursuing after the next best thing we will always be chaing after the wind, and if we ever do get it we will die and lose it and who knows if the person after us will take care of it or not?  He also tells us to enjoy our lives and work because God gave us this life and work because everything apart from God is futility and is also chasing after the wind.

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah is fleeing for his life and stops to lay down under a tree and begs God to let him die. But when He falls asleep a massenger comes to Him and brings him bread and water, telling him to eat. He does and falls asleep again. Once more an angel comes, but this time when he tells Elijah to eat, he includes that Elijah cannot continue on his own, but with God's help he will be able to. After than Elijah picks up and goes to a mountian where he encounters God and He promises to Elijah justice and rest.

So, why am I sharing all of this? Because it's something that I really need to listen to myself right now. I was never good at being a student. I've never usually had to work too hard for my grades so I usually didn't. School has always been something that I've done because it's expected or neccessary. When we started Greek I had new energy because I had a long break from school and I was now going to school to persue my calling by God. However, 6 weeks into Greek my tank is running dry. I've been trying to do it on my energy and I'm growing extremely weary of Greek.

Lord, please help me internalize what I've been teaching the Bible study you have given to lead. Please help me to stop relying on my energy to finish out Greek and rely on you to get me through. Let me find rest and rejuvination, taking joy in learning the languages in which you gave us your scriptures. Thank you Lord for always providing and promising that when we seek you, you will answer. Than you Lord. Amen.

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