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July 12, 2012

Rough Year

It was said to me recently that Timothy and I are having a "rough year." Since getting married in January, we have said good-bye to two grandmothers, Grandma Norma in April and Grandma Roth a few days ago, and two dogs, Kona and Pugsey. We've spent the first four months of our marriage living apart. Timothy was dismissed from Old Navy in February and I have not found a full-time job in St. Louis yet. I guess you could say that we have had a "rough year" but that would only be half true.

By focusing on the negative, you miss all the highlights. We celebrated our marriage with family and friends in January. We had the opportunity to spend almost one weekend a month together during our four months apart. Timothy passed his Old and New Testament and Christian Doctrine qualifying exams during his unemployment so he could start summer Greek. I traveled to Cleveland to present three papers at the regional Central States Communication Conference in March. I finished my master's thesis and graduated in May. We finally set up our apartment and began living together in St. Louis. We've had the opportunity to experience several STL cultural events, such as Cardinals games, Muny performances, the zoo and Fourth of July fireworks over the Arch. We've made new friends and (hopefully) found our field work church for our time at the seminary. A version of my thesis was accepted to the National Communication Association conference in November so Timothy and I will be traveling to Orlando for our "honeymoon." Better late than never.

We've truly been blessed this year. It has been very dynamic, with high highs and low lows. But I wouldn't say it's been a rough year. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

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