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July 11, 2012

Shepherd of the Flock

In Greek we talk about a lot of different things, as taking Greek relates to a lot of what we do at the seminary. Through a chain of thought in a particular discussion today, which I'm not going to take the time to lay out, we ended up on the topic of what the role of the pastor is.
This is a topic which is of much interest as I believe today's church has lost sight of the true structure of what the church is. When we look to Corinthians, Paul explains that the church has prophets, apostles, teachers, pastors, and evangelists.  Each have their own role in the church.  The church today, I feel, has tried to combine all, or most, of these into one.  This is not true.
Now onto the role of the pastor and our discussion in class. My professor was giving us some words, as he typically does, and in his speech he told us that as pastors we are the shepherds of the flock has given us. This does not only mean that we are to feed, nourish, and take care of them, but we are also the ones to stand between them and the wolves.
This thought stuck me. It's nothing new to me, but I've never heard it put that way or so forcefully as he put it before. He of course followed this up with the fact that leaders of the church will give an account, not the sheep themselves. Being a pastor is a big responsibility. It's a serious calling that should not be taken lightly. This thought scares me to the end of the earth, but it excites me as well.
I know that I am not able on my own, but as long as I follow Christ in the calling He has given me, I will make a difference in the world.  I live for the day when I give my account, Christ looks at me and says, "Well done, good and faithful servant," as  He turns to my flock with which He has given me. I will not run in fear but stand in the love of God to help take care of and also to defend the sheep He will give me.


  1. Timmy-- Although our friendship has been restricted to Old Navy (mostly), I honestly believe that you have the ability to take on this responsibility. Christ has set this path for you, knowing that you are capable, and strong, and willing. We haven't had many "serious" conversations, so forgive me for this one :P

    I'm incredibly thrilled to watch you on this journey, and to watch you thrive. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts (as well as Marie's!), and hopefully gaining some insight and peace for myself along the way.

    1. :) Thanks Katie. That really means a lot. And if you are able to gain insight and peace through our journey, I will feel extremely joyful and blessed to be able to have blessed someone else. :)


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