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July 6, 2012


Today is the tenth day of 100+ degree weather for St. Louis. The heat is set to break next week, but only back to the low 90s. With outside being next to unbearable for a few minutes, we have been driven inside in search of air conditioning and water. That is, after spending the Fourth of July down at the Arch for an airshow, a Heart concert and some fireworks. There's nothing like the heat  to remind us of how delicate our lives really are. Without enough water, we shrivel, get splitting headaches and require intensive medical attention. Physical effects are easy to see. But the same happens with a lack of spiritual water. Timothy and I have been attending chapel on the seminary's campus every weekday for him and when I am able for me. As a very traditional service, I find myself missing out on the relationship with our Lord that I find during my own devotionals. Is the spiritual water we need different for each person? Or is it like the physical water we need to survive that is universal?

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