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August 24, 2012

Trusting Him

I've never had much money.  I started working at 16, but most of my money went to gas and food at school.  I wished I had more money to buy the stuff I want, but I never worried about not having enough.  That wasn't until college where I had to be financially responsible for myself.  Since then, I've had to worry about money.

My income always seemed to cover just the bills, with some occasionally left over for food.  There were times that I didn't eat to pay bills.  It's been a struggle and stressful.  But late in college, something happened.  Marie's and my relationship hit bottom.  Ask either of us, and we will tell you that it was a very painful time for us.  But God took that pain and in it He built a foundation for trusting and relying on Him.  Marie and I both healed, and I began trusting God with more of my life.

I was making enough to save some money and buy a ring, and I did just that.  But shortly after Marie and I were married, I lost my job, and money was more of a worry than ever, especially as I was about to head to the seminary.  But, I leaned on that foundation fo trust in God and He has been faithful.  Although money has been tight, we have never missed a payment, and we have enough food to eat.  Every time a bill has come up and we didn't have the money to cover it, the money has come from somewhere.  It's not always easy to trust God, but I know that a life dependent on Him is a life more full of blessing than a life of comfort and ease.

I pray that God ever increases my faith to trust more in Him.  He has shown me He is faithful, and I desire to trust in Him not only with my finances, but my life.  I pray that He helps me be bold and courageous to not fear those that can hurt and harm me in this world as I proclaim His Word.  I also challenge you, what ways in your life can you/do you need to trust God.  He is faithful, and if you give it over to Him, He will take care of you.

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