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August 24, 2012

Some time off

A week ago Timothy passed Greek and jumped into the fountain on campus. (It's a tradition for all those who pass summer Greek. Why? Because they like to smell like fountain water and chlorine. Or at least that's why I think it is.) He's enjoying some rest for his brain before he enters Hebrew and Greek Readings on September 3. It's been nice not having to worry about his schedule this week.

As for me, I'm now working at Concordia Historical Institute as a part-time membership manager and receptionist. CHI keeps the records for all Missouri Synod churches in America. However, it is not affiliated with Concordia Seminary, the Concordia Universities or the LCMS governing bodies. It's a third party and I spend a lot of my time explaining this. I'm enjoying it there. Today is the last day of my second week and I'm starting to get it all figured out. While I have the basics down, I'm still learning how to handle all the special once-a-year things that come up. I also have yet to figure out the previous membership manager's filing system (in both the file cabinet and the computer). It will take lots of time before I have that worked out. I'm still seeking part-time employment to fill the rest of my days so I can quit the Gap. (I do have a few leads on this and am hopeful that this will happen before too long.) Gap has been long enough for me. I've realized that I'm getting too old to be working in retail. (Yes you can laugh now. 24 is too old for retail.) I've matured beyond what that job has for me.

That brings me to another point. I figured our why I'm unhappy sometimes in St. Louis. I'm not fulfilled in what I'm doing here. For the past two years, I filled my days with teaching, school and working at the Gap Outlet. I had relational, social, intellectual and practical aspects to fill my days. At the end of it, I had two years of college teaching experience and 94-pages of my thesis to show for it. I was clearly doing something with my life. Now, the things I am doing are less clear. Even with CHI, I am a replaceable employee. Many people could do what I am doing. I have less social aspects to my life, since I'm not at school nearly each day Monday through Friday. I have to learn to be fulfilled in new ways.

Last night's Bible study got me thinking on these lines. Mount Calvary's women's group is currently going through Divine Design one day per each week. We're looking at how the Lord wants to give us a spiritual make-over (a la Stacie and Clinton of What Not To Wear). It can be quite cheesy at times but it has got me thinking. I seek fulfillment in my life (of the world, if you will). Rarely, do I look to God as my fulfillment. This is a problem (you can ask Timothy about it, as it's effected our relationship too). Perhaps that is what I need to learn. I always thought that I would graduate and find a full-time job that I adored with very little problems. That has not been that case. Coping with part-time employment and not letting it affect my morale is going to be hard. It's going to be harder still to shift my thinking about what is fulfilling in my life. Yet with God's help, I will make it through.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support in these past summer months. We are truly humbled and very blessed by you all.

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