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September 17, 2012

End of an Age

Saturday I left the Gap. After two years and eight months with the company. It also ended my stretch in retail, about six years minus a few months. I know it is time for me to leave retail for more stable employment but I am sad to see it go. Even after only four months at the Gap here in St. Louis, I have formed friendships that I'm sad to break. Looking back on my time, I learned to be a competence sales person. I've gained self confidence in my abilities to talk with strangers. During my last shift, I felt like I knew the most I've ever known about a job and had the ability to talk through the different fits of eight styles of denim with customers. It may be a small accomplishment in the working world, but it felt really nice to have the answers.

I start tomorrow at Concordia Plan Services doing various special projects for them. I'll be getting an ID badge and be very official. I'll also have my weekends free to be social, which I'm looking forward to the most about this change. I have lacked that for a long time now. So there's my big news and my life's big change.

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