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September 1, 2012

First "Official" Year in Grad School

With orientation finally over, we are looking to start a new term on Tuesday.  I will be in Hebrew and Greek Readings.  I will also be receiving my fieldwork assignment within the next two weeks.  *Praying for Mt. Calvary*  I am also signing up for a representative spot in our Student Association.  There were quite a few others who signed up so there will be an election.  I think it's definitely a plus that I already know a third of the class and I don't think any of them will be running against me.  Anyway, I think Marie and I may also get involved in the Mt. Calvary Choir if we are assigned there.  We'll be busy busy but we'll continue to make more friends and get ourselves more involved in God's community.  I'm so excited for that.

With all the busyness I've made myself a schedule on Google calendar.  I have a bad habit of wasting time, so I am sharing that calendar with Marie and a couple of other people to help keep me accountable to that.  One thing I really want to work on this term is self discipline and push through the frustration/boredom of my homework and studying as well as cleaning and my other responsibilities that I have been severely lacking at around the apartment.  If you could pray for the Spirit to calm me during moments of frustration and motivate and inspire me during moments of boredom I would be grateful.  Here's to a new academic year, and my first "official" year in grad school!

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