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October 24, 2012

Who are you?

Who are you? More often this question is posed to us as "What do you do?" Often we answer this question with our occupation or career. But what if we really answered with a description of ourselves instead of a title granted to us at our job?

Monday night in Bible study we were talking about this concept. What if my go-to response for "What do you do?" was "I am a child of the most High Lord and am His servant. I do His work on earth." I bet I would get some pretty strange responses, but I also bet it would cause some people to start thinking.

This brings me to the question: Who is Marie? As some of you may know, I used to define myself as what I spent a majority of my time doing (a.k.a. student, teacher, retail peon, etc.). But my thinking is now shifting. In my mind, I'm not an office staff member or a receptionist or a membership manager (just some of the few hats I wear at work). I'm not defined by my personal relationships either. Although I am a wife, a daughter, an aunt and a pastor's-wife-in-training, I wouldn't consider any of those who I am. I am also a knitter, a violist, and a puzzle solver, but those are not my essence as a human being. I would love to be at the point that I could say that "I am a child of the Lord and His servant." While I believe that to be true, it's not yet how I define myself. I think I need to delve deeper into servant-hood to find what portion of Christ's body I am. I think that will help me make this statement the truth about my soul. I am the hands and feet of God, but what exactly does that mean for me?

Now that I have bared a portion of my soul, consider how you define yourself. Who are you?

Side note: I feel extremely blessed to live close enough to walk to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A mile is a nice stroll before sitting all day. On my way to work today, no one had raked their leaves yet. It was wonderful not having to leave the sidewalk in order to crunch some leaves. One of the small joys of fall that will never cease to amaze me :)

October 19, 2012

Long Time, No Post

As I always feel, it's been a long time since I've posted.  I don't remember everything I've shared, so some of this may be a repeat from previous posts, but I'll bring you up to date.

I was elected at the beginning of the month to be in the Senate of the Student Association.  I'm excited to really get involved in the ongoings on campus.  As a first year, I don't really have much to do other than observe.  I can bring a report to our monthly meetings if I really wanted to, but right now I'm just trying to get a feel for how Senate is run.  Meetings are organized using Robert's Rules of Order which I had experience with in my fraternity, so that's nothing new.  Since our first meeting in October, I already am on a committee to review our By Laws (I've already read through them and began a list of changes that should/need to be made.)  I am also on another committee to plan for the weekend when the Student Association of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN (our sister seminary) is traveling to our campus to meet with us.  I'm really exited about being in senate.

I also have started writing.  I have submitted an article to our student run and read Monthly Newsletter, Around the Tower, and will continue to do so, but I also have started writing a story.  It's in the fashion of Frank E. Peretti and his spiritual warfare books.  As of right now, I am simply forming ideas for scenes that I will eventually turn into a cohesive plot.  I want to do a bit of research into LCMS doctrine about angels and demons and other things relavent to the story as well.  I know it might not be the most doctrinally accurate to make a good story, but I would still like it to be within the same realm.

Another thing I have spent some time on is Marie's and my Cash Flow Plan.  We're going into week 7 with Financial Peace University.  I really like Dave Ramsey.  He's a pretty solid guy and you can tell he knows what he's talking about.  He's pretty entertaining to watch as well.  Marie and I have started becoming more aware of where our money is going and as Dave says, "Making our money work for us."  We won't be debt free any time soon, but learning how to budget and creating a cash flow plan and starting sinking funds and emergency savings funds and other savings and getting really involved into what our money is going and where it is going gives me a sense of empowerment.  It's really nice, especially since I've spent most of my life worrying about money.

Other than all of that, we just finished our 6th week of school.  We don't have too much longer left in Hebrew.  I'm excited for that!  I can't wait to get started in my other classes.  I have a lot of into classes for the Winter term, but that's okay; it isn't language.  The only thing that stinks is if I go for my Masters of Sacred Theology as well I will have to take Theological German at some point.  But that's okay, I should be recovered from Greek and Hebrew by then.  As far as fieldwork goes, there still isn't much that I can do.  Pastor Foss started having me do the readings which I will do every week that I want/am able to do them.  I am going to start helping with communion too as soon as he gets me trained.  The last thing that I am starting to help out with for now is the Sunday youth meetings.  Their youth program needs some help and I am excited to be able to help them.

My life is busy crazy, but as of right now I wouldn't change a thing!

October 14, 2012


I ran my first 10k today and finished! Official time was 1:16:44. I finished # 1881 of #2343. I feel pretty good about it. Now only if my left knee would agree with me.

The course was gorgeous! The route winded through downtown and Soulard, as well as went through the Budweiser brewery. I will definitely be participating next year.

October 5, 2012

Fall Has Arrived

Fall is officially here in St. Louis. Yesterday was 80-something and today is 51 and rainy. You know, just some normal St. Louis weather. Another reason I know that fall is here is because of Oktoberfest. The seminary community will be celebrating tonight in true German style. I'm looking forward to it, even with the rain pouring down.

We are 5 weeks into Timothy's quarter of Hebrew & Greek Readings (or as he put it today, "I'm half way done with Hebrew!"). I just finished my third week at Concordia Plan Services (CPS). I've decided that the words "Open Enrollment" mean massive mailing and even more paperwork. In other words, we're slammed and I've lost track of the number of envelopes I stuff each day. I also finally did my audition for the St. Louis Civic Orchestra and will be playing with them for a year. Needless to say, Timothy and I are getting into a rhythm, a fast and somewhat hectic rhythm, but a rhythm nonetheless.

One part of our week has become Tuesday night Community Meals followed by Financial Peace University (FPU). Each Tuesday I race home from CPS, grab my viola and our FPU homework and head to campus for a delicious community meal. (Can you say buffet?) We have an hour to just spend time and unwind with other seminary families. Then we go to class. Financial Peace University is a unique thing. If you've never heard of it, look it up or look up Dave Ramsey. Although we're not really in the right place to be dumping debt (as this last lesson explained), it has changed the way Timothy and I view and manage money. Granted, we aren't finding the tuition payment in our earnings, but we have found how we can manage everything to be able to put some money toward both tuition and student loan payments. Over time, we'll get to be debt free (though it may take numerous years after the seminary). I'm really enjoying the class, even though I have to skirt out early to make it to orchestra rehearsals. Tuesdays are becoming one of my favorite days of the week, despite the hectic schedule.