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October 24, 2012

Who are you?

Who are you? More often this question is posed to us as "What do you do?" Often we answer this question with our occupation or career. But what if we really answered with a description of ourselves instead of a title granted to us at our job?

Monday night in Bible study we were talking about this concept. What if my go-to response for "What do you do?" was "I am a child of the most High Lord and am His servant. I do His work on earth." I bet I would get some pretty strange responses, but I also bet it would cause some people to start thinking.

This brings me to the question: Who is Marie? As some of you may know, I used to define myself as what I spent a majority of my time doing (a.k.a. student, teacher, retail peon, etc.). But my thinking is now shifting. In my mind, I'm not an office staff member or a receptionist or a membership manager (just some of the few hats I wear at work). I'm not defined by my personal relationships either. Although I am a wife, a daughter, an aunt and a pastor's-wife-in-training, I wouldn't consider any of those who I am. I am also a knitter, a violist, and a puzzle solver, but those are not my essence as a human being. I would love to be at the point that I could say that "I am a child of the Lord and His servant." While I believe that to be true, it's not yet how I define myself. I think I need to delve deeper into servant-hood to find what portion of Christ's body I am. I think that will help me make this statement the truth about my soul. I am the hands and feet of God, but what exactly does that mean for me?

Now that I have bared a portion of my soul, consider how you define yourself. Who are you?

Side note: I feel extremely blessed to live close enough to walk to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A mile is a nice stroll before sitting all day. On my way to work today, no one had raked their leaves yet. It was wonderful not having to leave the sidewalk in order to crunch some leaves. One of the small joys of fall that will never cease to amaze me :)

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