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December 29, 2012

Day Three at Urbana '12

Today is Day 3 at Urbana '12, a world mission conference sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Timothy and I are both volunteering at Stewards, which is basically a full day of volunteering some days. I'm working with the dinner team. We fed approximately 16,000 participants last night in 2.5 hours. (THANK YOU CATERING STAFF!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!) I'm also going to have the privilege to count all the decision cards tomorrow and see first how all the participants were affected by the conference. Timothy has some special jobs, including a special task for tonight's closing session. I don't want to give it away until after it's happened. We're both thrilled to be helping with the conference that changed us significantly only three years ago.

As you await the new year, please keep Urbana '12 in your prayers. 16,000 additional people have descended upon St. Louis. Let's just say lunch and transportation are interesting daily tasks that now take a significant amount of time. Patience and grace are running freely among most participants but the St. Louis businesses and nearby neighborhoods are feeling the strain. The same 16,000 people are seeking Christ with their whole hearts and weighing major life decisions, especially regarding which mission field God is calling them to. Please pray for clarity for these callings. Not everyone is called to Africa and some people need to know it is okay that Africa is not where God needs them. (Not that God needs any of us anywhere for His mission. He's doing amazing just by Himself.)

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