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December 30, 2012

Urbana '12

Christmas night Marie and I both got really sick with the flu. We were out of commission and took turns in shifts to 'use the bathroom.'  I'm glad our bodies were so cooperative for the circumstances since we only have one bathroom. Anyway, I tell you this to share with you that God brought us out of that pain and misery just intime for Urbana '12.

Urbana is a global missions conference held in St. Louis every three years hosted by InterVarsety Christian Fellowship USA and InterVarsity Canada. Our first Urbana was in '09 when we were both part of InterVarsity at Bradley (though Marie had just graduated).  We both had such a great time, me in the poverty track and her as a steward, that we decided to come back as stewards for Urbana '12.

Only two days remain in the conference, but I know there are still great things in store.  Last night we partnered with World Vision and Caregivers in Africa to build 32,000 Caregiver kits, the buigest Caregiver kit build ever! Each participant wrote a personal note for each kit they built before packing them away and putting them in the shipping containers. Caregivers are local people who are trained by World Vision to care for their neighbors and given the kits they need to do so. Some Caregivers walk 45 minutes from their home to their patients to care for them. Sometimes they bathe them, sometimes they massage them, sometimes they cook for them, sometimes they run errands for them, sometimes they just sit and talk with them, sometimes they pray for them. But no matter what they are doing at the time, they are the hands and feet of Jesus.

God has been laying things on my heart too.  It has been pulled in so many directions it has broken.  My prayer is that he piecies my heart back together with purpose, vision, and direction.  All I know is that I am supposed to finish my seminary training and I don't know from there.  I've never felt a calling in overseas missions, but I'm starting to wonder if that was just our of my own resolve to never be called to overseas missions.  God has been chizzeling the stone off my heart though and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be anymore. My narrow but uncertian world just got a whole lot wider and a whole lot more uncertian.

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