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January 4, 2013

Almost one year ago

Almost one year ago now I married my best friend. It's been a rollercoaster of a year. Here's a look at some of the highlights:

-Married on the 7th
-Marie is back to teaching on the 9th
-Separated on the 16th to live the first four months of marriage apart
-Marie continues school at Ball State; Timothy continues work at Old Navy

-Signed a lease on our first apartment :) But Timothy moves in alone
-Timothy is forced out of Old Navy, entering 6 months of unemployment
-Marie finished data collection for her thesis!
-Marie's dog Kona passed away.

-Marie sees apartment for the first time during spring break
-Timothy studies for the seminary competency exams

-Marie's grandmother passed away on Easter, leading to a marathon road trip to Nebraska
-Marie's thesis is finished and defended!
-Timothy's dog Pugsey passed away.

-Marie graduates and moves to St. Louis! Together at last!
-Timothy passes all competency exams and prepares for summer classes.

-Timothy starts at the seminary with Greek classes.
-Marie continues to look for work.
-We run our first 5k together.

-Timothy's grandmother passed away.
-Marie's thesis is accepted to the National Communication Association annual conference.
-Timothy starts work at the Campus Store.

-Timothy passes Greek and jumps in the fountain on campus.
-Marie starts at Concordia Historical Institute.

-Timothy starts Hebrew classes.
-Marie starts at Concordia Plan Services.
-Marie joins the St. Louis Civic Orchestra.
-We start as Fieldworkers at Our Savior Church in Fenton.

-Timothy participates in his first service at our fieldwork church.
-Marie ran her first 10k.
-We volunteer as zombies in the Zombie Survival Dash.

-Timothy passed Hebrew!
-Road trip to Florida for NCA presentation and Thanksgiving with Marie's parents.
-Start first real seminary classes!

-Our first Christmas together :)
-We volunteer at Urbana 2012.

January 7: We will celebrate our first anniversary!

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