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January 18, 2013

January 18

It's Friday and I'm feeling quite a bit overwhelmed. Several different things have occurred in January alone (yes, I'm well aware that we are only 18 days into this month) and all of which are proving to be very stressful.

First, our lease is up at the end of February, a scant month-ish away. We're still working on trying to find a new place. While our landlord will let us stay a month or so longer if needed, we really need to give notice that we are moving, which we are scared to do without another place lined up. We are also still working to get our toilet fixed. We've been at this issue for a month now. It's well past acceptable for it to still not be fixed.

Second, Timothy's classes are getting more demanding so I'm seeing less of him. He's learning the style of paper each professor wants from him, which has led to several of the papers needing to be rewritten. Schoolwork is somewhat mediated by the fact that he's on campus most of the day, so he has an opportunity to work on it there, but he's exhausted when he gets home. I feel like I'm seeing less of him.

Third, Timothy is now working every Saturday at the school store. In late December, the student services department was reorganized and the school store had to give up one student worker. Thankfully Timothy kept his job, but it comes with missing a 4-hour portion of each Saturday. We no longer have this time to hang out or run errands together so a lot more is falling on my plate too.

Fourth, I got to play run-around-with-a-government-department. At the end of December, Timothy and I applied for Food Stamps. Even with earning enough volunteers bucks to be able to visit the Food Bank on campus twice a month, we were hurting for food. We were eating a lot of creative and very unhealthy meals. Since this program is meant to help get healthy foods back on to our plates, we applied. In early January I received a letter stating I missed an interview with our benefits eligibility specialist, an interview that I received no notice of. I then spent a week incessantly calling this representative before finally completing the interview. (Side note: I originally reached her and scheduled another interview, but she was unavailable at that time so I had "missed" two interviews.) January 11, I received a letter requesting proof of various items in our application. By January 17, I had to get this all to the office or my application would be denied. I got everything faxed on the 14th and then had to gather more information that was not originally requested to fax later that day. With working full-time, I did not have an opportunity to make it to the office. We were approved for benefits on the 16th, one day before the deadline. I know we will receive a lot of looks when we use the Food Stamps at the grocery store, but we needed help making sure we are eating right.

Fifth, I received news at work (Concordia Plan Services) that I was not progressing quickly enough on the microfiche project. This is largely due to the fact that I am pulled off of this project to assist with any other minute task going on that day. I was told that unless things change, the project may be cancelled (which also means that I lose my job). My boss, thankfully, is 100% behind me keeping this job so we talked to the others in my work group so that they understand what I need to be doing. This past week I was able to do nothing but work on the microfiche project. Hopefully, it will now be progressing fast enough for the higher ups.

Sixth, we have been the confidants for several issues that have popped up in both our family's and friends'. While we are not at liberty to share any details, helping each person through their own crisis has been tough, as well as scary.

I am thankful that I do have the day off on Monday (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.). I don't think I will be doing much recuperating, but I have hope that this may be the case.

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  1. My prayers are with you guys. I know it is easier said than done - but don't feel weird about the food stamps. It is an assistance program that is there for use, there are many who abuse it, but that is not you and Timothy. I can remember going to the store with mom when we had food stamps - it is a little awkward. But you know your mission is right and this is a tool God has given to care for you, his children. If you ever need an ear I am here :-). May God grant you comfort and breath !


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