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January 6, 2013

Prayer of my Heart

Sometimes I get so scared.
Am I in the right place?
Can God really use me?
Does He want to use me?
I feel so ill equipt.
Who am I?
What do I know?
No one will listen to me.
I'm nothing special.
Nothing spectacular about me.
I'm weak and unable.
Lord, is it really me you are calling?
I can't lead people to you.
I don't know how.
I'm a poor miserable sinner unworthy to utter Your Name.
I'm so small, so insignificant.
I could never do great things.

But you raise up the low and make low the proud.
You use the foolish to shame the wise.
What are your plans for me, Lord?
I know nothing, but where You send me I will go.
Where you lead me I will follow.
You will not forsake or abandon me, Lord.
You took my sin and washed it in Your blood.
You have made me pure and white.
You have freed me from bondage.
In Your eyes I am righteous and able.
You have made plans for me.
You equip me to do Your will.
Help me not to fear, Lord.
Make me strong and steady.
Help me hold onto Your promises.
With You, nothing is impossible.
Let me be your vessle.
Mold me in Your hands, Lord.
For You have claimed me.
You have numbered me among your own.
So let me suffer at your side.
Give me the courage to seek the lost.
Give me the words to heal the hurting.
Give me the passion to love the broken.
Give me the wisdom to lead Your sheep.
In Your name, Lord, I pray.

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