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February 4, 2013


Timothy and I are expecting our first child in mid-August! After we started getting over the initial shock, we are both really excited! The baby is a wonderful surprise.

We're also going to be changing a lot about our life over the next few months. For starters, we're moving into a new apartment (as soon as we find a new place). We currently live in an one-bedroom place and it is illegal for three people to live there. This will start a string of moving every year, or rather continue this trend. We will be moving before our vicarage year (beginning July 2014), moving back to St. Louis to finish seminary in July 2015, and moving for our first call in May/June 2016. That's a lot of moving! We're also starting to revamp our life for a baby. We're talking about my jobs and Timothy's school. We're looking at babysitters and how life will work after the baby is born. We've started changing our saving and spending habits, not that we spent a lot of extra money before this. We're also becoming well-versed in governmental assistance programs.

Bottom line: our life is in for a new adventure. And we're as ready as we can be :)

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