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March 31, 2013

Good Friday and Easter with Pastor Sell

Today was my first Easter as a seminarian. When I arrived at church, I found Pastor Sell and talked over what I was going to be helping with today. I ended up leading part of the responsive readings in addition to the readings. It was fun and I was happy that I was able to take a bigger part in the service. The congregation really has started blooming like an Easter Lilly under the direction of Pastor Sell. I'm happy to see them come out of this transition and to be part of this experience. The energy of Pastor Sell is also contageous to the congregation as well as to myself. I am excited to meet with Pastor Sell this week to begin working closer together.

I also had the privlage of being part of the Good Friday play with the students and a few other adult volunteers. The students were pretty good and had to memorize several lines. I only had one line I had to memorize. It was pretty fun and made me miss doing theatre. I hope I get the time to perform when I'm pastoring. I'd like to do community theatre.

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