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March 15, 2013

Spring is almost here!

Today is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunshiny. I'm excited to be nearly done with winter. I say nearly because this weekend we're dipping back into the low 50s for the high temperature and bringing back the rain. It was a long cold winter and I'm ready for the warm sunny days ahead.

Lots has changed since we last wrote. We're officially moved into our new home, the place our child will come home to. It's huge! No joke. We nearly doubled the square footage by moving and since both Timothy and I were used to dorm rooms, tiny apartments, basements, etc., 825 sq feet is ginormous! We're enjoying being able to stretch out a bit and move around. Everything is now unpacked and I've started hanging things on the wall. It's beginning to look and feel like home. That is, once we get rid of the ants in the bathroom. (A HUGE thank you to the Demskis for introducing me to Terro. I've never seen so many ants willingly cart poison back to the nest before. Hopefully in a week or so, we will be ant free!)

Timothy has started his spring term at the seminary and is completing week 2 of 10 today. He's taking some pretty cool classes this term. I think my favorites are Pastor as Counselor and the Gospel in C.S. Lewis' writing. I'm enjoying talking with him about what he's learning. Plus the C.S. Lewis class requires that we read the Chronicles of Narnia again :) We've been having story time each night for a while. I'll let Timothy talk about his term though.

Baby continues to grow. For about the past three weeks (before my tummy stretched a little more), I could feel most of the acrobatics being performed by the little tyke. If this is any indication, our baby is going to be an energetic and busy bugger. My next ultrasound is scheduled for April 1. Baby will be 20 weeks then and we'll be half way (if the doctor's due date is the day when Baby decides to come) to meeting the newest member of the Roth family. It's interesting to think about. I'm not exactly looking very pregnant (at least right now) and I know it's still early for that, but I'm not really feeling very pregnant either. But I'm almost half way through.

Tonight, my parents-in-law are taking us to see War Horse. If you don't know much about this play, Google it. The puppetry is amazing and we're both looking forward to it. I'll report back.

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