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April 10, 2013

Cloth Diapers

So Timothy got the easy end of this decision: we will be using cloth diapers with Baby (as long as it is feasible - disposables may wind up at Mrs. Veronica's house so that child care is easier and for traveling so a dirty diaper from MO doesn't end up stinky in FL). Now that the decision is made, it's up to me to research and have a few ideas of what we should have on hand for when Baby comes home from the hospital.

Frankly, I'm overwhelmed. My mom friends have provided some great input but I'm slowly realizing that I will have no idea of what we will like and what will fit Baby until Baby is actually here. (Or even if cloth diapers will fit at all when Baby comes home. Baby might not be big enough for them yet). I'm comfortable having a more "complicated diaper" to assemble, but will that work for Timothy? Snaps or velcro? Cotton or bamboo or hemp? Pre-folds or inserts or all-in-ones? There is so much to a diaper anymore that a disposable seems easier.

So why cloth? For one, I was a cloth diaper baby (back when snaps and velcro didn't exist but safety pins were king). Second, Timothy and I both have super sensitive skin, so Baby is likely to not like all the chemicals in a disposable diaper. (Can you say diaper rash?) Third, the idea of Baby generating thousands of diapers that will sit in a landfill for a hundred years or more is a little unnerving. Plus, we're looking to save some dough and cloth diapers is one way we can do that, especially since the diapers can stick around for siblings Baby might be so lucky to have.

All that said, I just hope that I can wade through the abundance of information about cloth diapers so that Timothy and I can try a few so we can find some that work for Baby. If you have any recommendations, throw them our way!

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