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June 10, 2013

Hello Summer (School)!

Today marks the beginning of week 2 of Timothy's summer school and his second week as a second year seminarian. (Technically, Concordia doesn't count him as an official second year student until the fall, but he's been in school for a year so I think he's a second year student.) His schedule is keeping him fairly busy. He currently has three classes, including one four-week intensive class in the month of June. His classes are Homeletics I (introductory class on how to preach sermons), Confessions II (a deeper look into Lutheran theology) and Isaiah and the Prophets (a close examination of Isaiah and most of the prophetic books of the Old Testament). He's actually really excited for all three classes, but swamped with work.

Summer is also the season in which Timothy and I are learning how to do all things baby-related. Last week, we began birthing classes at our hospital of choice, Missouri Baptist. We will also be taking classes in a wide range from infant care to parenting choices to breastfeeding. Some friends have lent us several books over lots of different baby topics that we are currently reading. We are also picking up most of the books available to us through our local library. We will be attending a seminar on cloth diapering. We are going to be some of the most book-learned soon-to-be parents by the time Baby arrives in August. (Not that we think in the least that any of these classes or books will prepare us for life with our little blessing, but we can try.)

As June ticks away, I find myself wondering just when Timothy and I will get to meet Baby. I suspect two weeks after the due date, so the end of August (likely the 30th or 31st). Timothy thinks around 3-4 days late, so August 20-21. There are our predictions. Now, let's see when Baby actually makes an appearance :)

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