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July 5, 2013

Day of Freedom (in more way than one)

It's been almost a month since I posted last.  Life has just been busy.  Yesterday, Marie and I were both off of work/school.  The night before we turned off our alarms and had no plans.  When we woke up and started moving, we decided to use our AMC giftcard to go to the Dine-In movie theatre.  We saw the Lone Ranger.  It was a great movie and good food.  I really enjoyed the experience.  After that we went to REI to use our gift card that we received for buying me new running shoes (I bought a pair of five finger shoes and I love them.  I ran my first 10K straight through in them!)  and used it to buy some camping cooking equipment.

After that we went home and rested a bit while we thought of something else to do.  We couldn't come up with anything so we headed out to Grant's Train and walked a couple of miles.  After that we went back home and Marie started making dinner, mac and cheese with broccoli and breadcrumbs, while I worked on a bit of homework.  When dinner went in the oven, we started watching episodes of Lost: Season 6.  We're almost halfway through the season now.  When we finished eating dinner, we played a game on Monopoly while we kept watching Lost.  Once we finished the game we went to bed.  Overall it was a good day.

This weekend is going to be busy though.  I will be leading the liturgy both Saturday and the second service on Sunday.  I'm also leading Bible study as Pastor Sell leads the New Member class.  I also have homework to do as I need to finish my manuscript for the first sermon I have ever written.  I may post it on here once I am done.  Anyway, it's about time to go to chapel!

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