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October 9, 2013


It has been a LONG time since we've posted.  About a month and a half.  You know what else happened about a month and a half ago?  If you guessed we had a baby, you'd be right!  Weird coincidence, Levi being born and us not posting, I know.  Anyway, since that time life has been busy.

Levi was baptized September 8th at my fieldwork congregation and I was able to help with the baptism.  September 9th, the next day, classes started back up.  I am in Synoptic Gospels (studying Matthew, Mark, and Luke and theories about their relationship to each other), Worship (where I am learning how to plan and lead a service), Systematics I (where I am having Lutheran theology and thinking being crammed into my head), and Marriage and Family Care (where I am learning to care and counsel marriages and families, which is a COMPLETELY different approach than just counseling individuals).  I am really enjoying all of those classes.

As far as fieldwork goes, one of the returning fourth years came back to Our Savior.  I AM NO LONGER ALONE!!!!!  I have started teaching the youth Bible study and I am taking them through the articles of the Augsburg Confession.  We have talked about God in Trinity and original sin.  They seem to be enjoying it, especially since I used Lutheran Satire's St. Patrick's Bad Analogies video when talking about the Trinity.  Anyway, my supervisor met with the other fieldworker and myself to plan out the schedule, and I am officially on the preaching schedule!!!!  I am really excited to start preaching.

Being a dad is the best thing in life right now, though.  Levi is growing up so fast it's amazing to watch, but I don't want him to grow up too fast.  I know I must cherish the days when I can hold him in my arms and let him fall asleep on my chest.  I just pray that God helps me be the parent that Levi needs.  Anyway, that's life right now.  School, fieldwork, and parenting.  Oh yeah, and Oktoberfest is Friday.  Hopefully I planned well enough that it will go off without a hitch.