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December 27, 2013


So, we've been pretty bad at keeping this updated.  Sometime life just overwhelms and you don't have time to do everything you'd like to.  But this week we've been on vacation in Florida.  We're visiting Marie's parents for Christmas and New Years.  It's an added bonus that they live on the beach...though it's too cold to get in the water right now.  Yesterday (the day after Christmas) we went out to exchange the Goggle Chromecast that Marie's brother gave us because it wasn't working and the backpack that Marie's parents got me because it wasn't big enough.  After that we went to Verizon to look at phones since we will be updating our contract soon (we're on a family plan together).  Marie's mom, Marie, and I made up our minds pretty fast, but Marie's brother has done is research and is taking his time picking.  While we were in the store Levi was getting fussy so Marie and I took him out to the car and the following video is what ensued:


Vacation has been relaxing so far.  We will be here for another week before having to get back to real life.  Then I will have only seven more weeks of Winter term left!

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