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June 30, 2014


After driving all night last night we made it to Florida this morning in time for breakfast.  It worked out really well as Levi slept all but the last half hour of the 12 hour trip.  Even when he did wake up he was pretty quite.  We also were able to see Marie's father before he left for business.

Today has been a nice relaxing day, including some naps.  The only thing we did was go to the grocery store to get some food.  Since my father-in-law is out of town I grilled the meat by myself.  After the stress of the past few weeks it was great being outside, drinking a cold beer, sitting on the porch swing, and enjoying the breeze blowing in from the gulf.

The next few days will be full of relaxation and play as we spend the time with Marie's parents, including their neighborhood 4th celebration at which I will be responsible for lighting the fireworks.  We're also going to take Levi swimming, both in the pool and in the gulf.

After our time here we head to Huntsville, Alabama for the wedding of Marie's best friend from high school.  Marie has her duties as a maiden while Levi and I will be relaxing.  Grandma Ann will be coming to watch Levi during the reception so mommy and daddy can have a good night to themselves.

After the wedding we will head back to St. Louis to pick up all of our belongings and move out to Texas.  I can't believe that it's finally here and actually about to happen!  What a great way to start out a great year.

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