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June 20, 2014

New Experiences

I was thinking today about all of the new experiences I will be having on vicarage.  I will be doing a lot of things that I've never done before, but one of the strangest to me will be the fact that I have a desk.  I've never had a desk before.  I think being in the "professional" role will be the hardest thing for me to get used to.  Other aspects of ministry I am at least familiar with, and then there are the personal changes in life, like Levi growing so quickly and wanting to become a big kid so bad, but for some reason that thought isn't as foreign to me as the thought of having a desk.

Maybe it's because I don't often feel like a father.  More often than not I feel like we have a tiny roommate that I help care for.  Getting to play with this roommate is fun, and even taking care of him is enjoyable (or at least not as bad) but does not make me feel any older.  The idea of having a desk, however, makes me feel like a responsible adult.  In it reality confronts me of the looming reality shift that is standing in my not so distant future.  At times this thought is even frightening.  At times I feel so young and ill equipped.  I know that I have been called to the ministry though, and that God will be with me as I care for His people.  This thought encourages and comforts me as I continue to move on into the unknown.

To Him be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.

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