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June 6, 2014

Time of Transition

Summer school starts tomorrow.  Fortunately for me I'm not taking any classes!  It's kind of weird knowing that there will be classes going on and I won't be in any of them.  I have been keeping busy though, otherwise I would be going crazy waiting around for vicarage.  I have been working in Residential Services a lot since graduation day.  I've been checking people out of their dorms and apartments.  I cleaned the kitchen areas of the dorms (including the refrigerators) which wasn't too fun.  I've inventoried the dorm room furniture.  And I've helped prepare welcome packets for students coming to live on campus.

I've also been writing a sermon for Pentecost.  For my last weekend at fieldwork, I will be both leading the liturgy and preaching.  Since it is a feast, though, Pastor Sell will be leading Confession and Absolution and celebrating the Sacrament.  Other than that, it will be all up to me.  This is exciting and also a little nerve wrecking because the service will be broadcasted on KFUO across the nation.  So if I screw up, not only will my congregation know but everyone listening on the radio!  I am pretty confident though.

Lastly, Marie and I have been packing.  It is weird seeing our apartment being packed up and boxed.  We don't have much time, however.  Our lease is up at the end of June, so we need to be packed an moved by July 1.  We're moving all of our stuff into both my brother's and my sister's house.  On July 1st we are going to drive down to FL to visit Marie's parents.  We will be with them for a week and a half before heading to Huntsville, AL where Marie will be standing up in her best friend from high school's wedding.  We'll be back in St. Louis July 14th to load up the truck and I will head to Wichita Falls, TX on the 15th.  Marie and Levi will fly down on the 16th.  So much to do before then with so little time.  But we're so excited!

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