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July 30, 2014

It's starting to feel like home

When we moved to Texas, we moved into a beautiful, newly updated duplex that our church provided for us. By far, it is the nicest place that our family has lived. And even though we will only be here a year, we are starting to decorate our home with real furnishings. Remember back to when you first started living on your own. That transient, cheap style is what has dominated our home decor since our marriage. We put together puzzles, glued them together and stuck them to the wall with 3M Poster strips. Most of our furniture is mismatched, since it was handed down to us or purchased from Craigslist / Goodwill / Salvation Army. Our home always seemed a little like things were just thrown together.

Although we still have a bunch of mismatched furniture, the biggest change has been how we are hanging things on the walls. Most of our puzzles have been exchanged for art work or framed pictures. We've started planning larger picture arrangements on the wall. It looks much nicer (and I feel more like a grown-up). I know that is weird to say since our son is turning one in less than a month. But things are starting to come together and most everything has found a home here in Texas.

A home is much more than furnishings. Wichita Falls is also starting to feel like home because I can leave our duplex, run some errands, and not once need to look up directions. We've tried some local restaurants, had many more recommended to us, got library cards, and been to the farmer's market (for the watermelon festival no less!). Although we are anything but locals yet, we are adjusting and making Texas our home. I'm starting to feel less like a tourist and more like a resident.

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