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July 3, 2014

Update from Florida

It has been a great few days with Marie's parents.  Levi went swimming for the first time and loves swimming in their neighborhood pool.  He's already become quite the dare devil leaping out of daddy's arms and into mommy's through open water.  He's also put his head somewhat under the water...a couple of times drinking the water, we think on purpose.  He's also been to the beach and put his toes in the ocean!  I think the water was too cold and the sand too weird for him to enjoy it much.  He still enjoyed walking along the beach with mommy and daddy.

This morning I ventured out by myself into the ocean while Levi was sleeping.  I took one of Larry and Ann's kayaks and headed out.  I departed from the beach and went straight out.  I love kayaking in the ocean; it both is terrifying and blissful.  Terrifying because even when the swells are small they are still much lager than you are, terrifying because you don't know how much water lies between you and the bottom underneath, terrifying because you don't know what critters are swimming freely underneath you.  (I saw the tail of something quite large twice not too far away, but I think it was a dolphin.)  Yet blissful because you find yourself lost in God's creation, so far away from the beach that you can't even hear the playful noises of people splashing and screaming, so far away that the crashing waves are gentle swells.  You find yourself in the wide open ocean that you know was created by God for you.  It's just amazing and peaceful.

I'm really excited for tomorrow, though.  There is a neighborhood block party with a low country boil.  There will be LOTS of good food and best of all fireworks!  Larry (Marie's father) is buying the fireworks on the way home today and I will be in charge of the show.  I love setting off fireworks.  This will also be Levi's second experience with fireworks.  The last time was also at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.  It is going to be fun!  This weekend we are talking about going out on a sailboat and borrowing some jetskis.  Lot's a great family time and first experiences for Levi before going to Texas in less than two weeks!

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