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August 27, 2014

100 posts

I realized that this is the 100th post on our family's blog. 100 posts for a little over 2 years at the seminary seems rather few. But I digress...

Reflections on Cloth Diapering:

Levi has been in cloth diapers for the better part of a year. He started in them full time when he was two months old. Timothy and I are in love with them. While we each have our go-to diapers (Timothy prefers all-in-ones and I like the prefolds and covers), we are in this 100%. I've learned to wash diapers in both really clean, amazing water and super hard, smells like sulfur water. I wash diapers about twice a week. And in Texas, we have the special treat of hanging them dry in the sun. So much better than on a drying rack in the path of a fan, like we used to have to do.

Cloth diapering is addictive. I know many mommas (and some dads too) that desire the newest prints for their little ones. Levi has added to his stash on three occasions after the initial purchase. Once, to add all-in-ones for starting babysitting. Again, to add more covers and prefolds to stretch how often we were doing laundry. And the last time because Mommy won a Cotton Babies give-away (two new Flip covers and my choice of inserts - I picked the Organic Overnights - I love these with a hemp doubler to keep him, and the sheet, dry at night). While the new prints are cute, I just can't justify it. We are saving so much money by using the stash we have. I probably spent about $500 on the diapers we have (and I do have cloth diapers in both newborn and infant sizes). If I would have bought disposables instead of cloth, I'd be looking at about $800 for one year. (If you've never considered cost, check out this article on Mint.com.) However, since I'm probably not potty-training Levi in this next year, I'm saving significantly more. (Disposable diapers will cost more for fewer diapers in larger sizes and I already have my cloth diapers so I just have to pay laundry costs - electricity and water.) Add to this, cloth diapers can be used on more than one child, and Timothy and I made out like bandits. Sure, coming up with the initial money to purchase a stash is hard for some families. (If you want to try it out cloth and are eligible for WIC, check out Cotton Babies Share the Love program here.) It's safe to say: I'm a cloth diaper fanatic.

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