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August 20, 2014

A Year Already?

Levi turns one on Sunday. And neither Timothy nor I can believe that our little man is a toddler. He has probably tripled his birth weight (won't know for sure, since we don't own a scale and aren't seeing the pediatrician until October). He's gone from laying on a blanket like a log to nearly running around the house. That's right world: Levi is fully mobile at 11 months. He can sit, stand and walk without help. He's gone from nursing every two hours like clockwork to eating everything on Mommy's plate, including the spicy enchiladas. He's started to sleep through the night. He even has said "Mommy" clear as day.

While it has been a joy watching him grow and meeting all of these milestones, I'm sad to think of the days that are gone and will never been coming back. He snuggles less each day, preferring to be mobile and independent. We haven't fully weaned yet, but he's nursing less and even drinking cow's milk from his sippy cup. (Yes, you can judge me for giving cow's milk before a year old, but he was ready for more than water. We started in small amounts and watched for reactions. He was and is fine with it. He loves drinking milk, although he only gets a few ounces a day.) With a mobile toddler, we are quickly learning what is not safe in our place. Lesson One: the shoe rack. While I don't mind that he pulls off all the shoes, he climbed on top of it last week and broke it. Yay for cheap construction. It was a much simpler time when he was perfectly content to sleep in my arms. Now, he wants his crib so he can sleep on his stomach, or side, or back. Whatever feels most comfortable at the time. (Our crib days are numbered too. With a little monkey, its only a matter of time before he learns how to climb out.) A year has gone too fast.

Levi: 2 days
Levi: 11.5 months

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