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August 28, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Same song different verse.  I hit vicarage running.  I have been on several pastoral calls, and even lead a couple.  I have presided over two worship services alone: one with my pastor gone and one with my pastor and organist gone.  Thankfully, nothing big happened while my supervisor was out of town.  I have been getting to know the congregation better, and thankfully we have been accepted like one of their own.  I have seen a lot of ins and outs of ministry, the sometimes grueling grunt work that is involved to make things happen.  Pastor Snyder wants me to learn about all aspects of running a church, so I have been to many board meetings and seen what it takes to accomplish everything that needs to happen.  He has also brought me in on many unique opportunities, challenged me to think what I would do/have done, and discusses theology and practice with me.  He has also given odds and ends assignments, like creating the bulletins and coming up with the church signs (They currently reads, "Google can't satisfy every search" and "Jesus knows the answer even when Siri doesn't") and even learning how to juggle (literally).

If that doesn't keep me busy, we also have midweek classes starting up next week.  Pastor and I will be teaching confirmation classes every Wednesday night, as well as pitching in with the high school youth.  Our Youth Director retired shortly after I got here, so in addition to helping with high school youth on Wednesday nights, pastor and I will also be helping with all youth until the congregation decides "what next?"  That means that every time they have an event pastor and/or I will be there unless someone else volunteers.  In addition to that, I thought it would be fun to start up a college ministry at Our Redeemer for the two local colleges.  That is IN ADDITION to the evangelism project that I have to do for the seminary while on vicarage.  We will see how that goes.

The great thing, however, is that I do not have classes and I can do all this work during the day, and be with my family in the evening and on my off days.  That has been the great part about all of this too.  I love my family and I love being able to be with them and focus on them.  Especially since Levi is growing so fast now!  It took him about a week to figure out this whole walking thing.  We've also enjoyed time together in the pool...he wants to be able to swim on his own so bad.  We've also met a lot of our neighbors on walks, which have all been very nice.  We live in a great neighborhood.  Let's see, I don't know what else I have to write, but I will copy my completed sermons here soon.  Hopefully I will be able to upload some video.  We'll see!

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