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August 13, 2014

Insurance Update

Our car has been given the okay to be fixed by our insurance. Only catch: the service shop has to use parts purchased by the insurance company, which will ship sometime. Our claim is moving forward though.

On the health insurance front, everyone is signed up for insurance and first premiums have been paid. Now we're just waiting on appointments with all our new providers so that we can establish care. Mom and Dad are up first in September. Levi has to wait until October for his one-year check up. I will deal with dental appointments soon. (Since when does a one-year old need a dental check up? But Medicaid thinks he should have one, so in we'll go!)

In other news, I attended the first Wichita Falls Community Orchestra rehearsal on Monday night. We're rehearsing for the Nutcracker (performance on December 6 with the Wichita Falls Ballet Company). It should be really fun, but it's difficult getting back into playing after being off for 3 months.

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