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August 6, 2014

Let's just say...

I hate insurance. It is necessary, I know, and our family has the appropriate coverage. However, I am getting more than I bargained for here in Texas.

Beginning yesterday, we are currently working with our former auto insurance carrier to process a claim. (My first auto claim ever.) In July while on vacation, we ran over something in the road. Since then, our air conditioner hasn't been cooling appropriately. After moving to Texas, we finally had some time to get it looked at. Our friendly mechanic's discovery: the thing we ran over caused damage to the air conditioner, condenser and radiator. Repairs will cost $2600, so it's best to get your insurance involved. Effective August 1, we are no longer with the company because we obtained coverage from an agent in Texas. Enter complications. So here's to figuring out how to do an auto insurance claim with a provider who is no longer covering your vehicle.

I am also working with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for our health insurance. After several decisions, Texas decided to cover our son under Medicaid. This is wonderful! However, five days before we received this news, Texas told us that he did not qualify for Medicaid coverage. Operating under the assumption that he did not qualify, we obtained coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace for our entire family. If you have ever used the Marketplace, you understand the process of submitting an application to be approved for enrollment (we qualify for a special enrollment period since we just moved to Texas), selecting a plan, and then working with the plan provider to pay the first premium. Reporting a change (i.e. our son qualifying for Medicaid) works the same way. We report the change through the Marketplace, wait for a few days until our provider receives the information and then we can pay our updated premium. So we've entered the waiting game. In the meantime, we are also waiting for information from the Texas Star program (administrators of the Texas Medicaid program) in order to find out which insurance provider we can select for our son. (Which also means if anything changes in our situation for Medicaid, we report that change to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, who reports that to the Star program, who then tells our insurance provider if the information change alters our coverage options.)

So yay insurance. Here's to waiting for September! Hopefully everything will settle down by then.

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