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October 28, 2014

It has been one of those days

You know the kind of days that when you wake up, you think that you've already lost it? The days when you swear that it should actually be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, and not today? The days when you feel like you didn't sleep enough for what you're facing? Well, today is one of those days. 

"One of those days" has slowly come to mean something different as a parent. A lack of sleep stems from a cranky, teething child instead of a night of binge watching a show on Netflix. Insurmountable hurdles now include making breakfast, running an errand or two with that cranky, teething child in tow or convincing that child that sleep is their friend. Gone are the days of project deadlines and work drama. My biggest challenge on "one of those days" is to not snap at the ornery child for being a child, to remain calm and remember the countless good, great and even fantastic days. The days when that ornery child was exploring the playground for the first time, or snuggling and mostly reading a book with me. Or collecting acorns or taking a walk while holding my hand. There are so many more of those days to outweigh even one "one of those days."

October 22, 2014

The Nutcracker

As a member of Wichita Falls Community Orchestra, I have the opportunity to play in the orchestra pit for the Wichita Falls Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker on December 6. We have been rehearsing the music since August and it has been hard work. I am relearning the art of dedicated practicing. Just today, I spent nearly an hour on the first four scenes. (There are 19 numbered scenes and several of those have multiple parts.)

However, I am falling in love with the music. Tchaikovsky is one of the few composers who didn't relegate the violas to the support-only role. Below are links to two of our section's melodic solos:

Scene 4
Scene 14 - Pas De Deux

The viola melody line is at the beginning of scenes.  It's so rich and lovely.


October 15, 2014

Usborne Books

Last night I attended an Usborne Book party. I first heard of Usborne a couple months back but this was the first time I had really looked at what they publish. I had a blast and found some of my new favorite books. Check it out:

Slot Together Castle Book
Wind Up Bus Book
Mosaic Sticker Book

Levi will be the proud owner of these three new books (at Christmas):
Construction Sites Lift and Look
Flippy Floppy Jungle Animals
Find the Duck

Usborne has a lot of really fun non-fiction books too. I look forward to adding to Levi's library in the coming years.

October 8, 2014

To Big Spring and back

This weekend-ish, we had the opportunity to visit friends from the seminary at their first call in Big Spring TX, a mere 3.5 hours from Wichita Falls. (Believe it or not: 3.5 hours is close when it comes to Texas distances. Distance is measured in time.) Our overnight was possible because Timothy was attending the circuit's winkle. A winkle is a gathering of all the pastors in a circuit (about 8-12 churches in a geographical area). At a winkle, the pastors discuss current happenings in their congregations and have some time to relax as friends.

My highlight of the time we spent in Big Spring was spending time with Jen and her four darling children (ages 5.5, 3, almost 2, and 3 weeks). Needless to say, Levi and the almost 2 year old we best mischief buddies. I once found them both standing on chairs banging their hands on the dining room table. It was nice to spend time with a fellow mom.

October 1, 2014

Hometown Football Rivalry

On Friday I will be doing something I haven't done in 9 years: attending a high school football game. And not just any game. The Game. Rider High vs. Old High (a.k.a. Wichita Falls High). (Yes, we are rooting for Rider. All the high school students we know from church attend there.) Selected as one of the top 100 rivalries to watch each year by the Great American Rivalry Series (sponsored by the US Army), this game promises to be legend ... wait for it ... dary. Since I haven't stepped foot in a high school football stadium since my own Bob Jones High homecoming game in 2005, I'm not sure I'm quite prepared for this classic face off.

For more info on the game