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November 12, 2014


November is the month that we as a culture remember the many blessings we have received. God has truly blessed my family. Here are 30 things, one for each day of the month, for which I am thankful:

1. Salvation is a free gift from God. Jesus has been the perfect sacrifice for all the world's sins, including my own. 
2. My husband Timothy is a servant of God and loves me unconditionally. He has vowed to share my life with me. 
3. My healthy, happy son Levi. He is a ball of energy and I like to describe him as a tornado on legs. He brings a lot of joy to my life.
4. A congregation that cares for its vicar and his family. We have been blessed with a fantastic home and wonderful friends.
5. New adventures in Texas. We have gone to Dallas for the state fair and both Abilene and Big Spring to visit friends. We are looking forward to heading south in the spring.
6. Invention of FaceTime and Skype that has allowed us to see friends and family.
7. Opportunities to do activities for myself while in Wichita Falls. I am playing with the community orchestra for their performance of the Nutcracker in partnership with the local ballet company. I attend a Mommy-and-Me exercise class twice a week. I am a part of the local Bible Study Fellowship group.
8. A new library for Levi. We recently discovered Usborne books and hosted a party. In addition to our host rewards, several generous people sent Levi more books. In all, Levi has 16 new books that he will receive in Advent and Christmas.
9. Laundry machines in our home. After several years of laundromats and coin laundry in the basement, our own machines are a nice luxury.
10. Wonderful fall weather. The beginning of November was unseasonably warm for Texas. After many short fall seasons in the Midwest, it was nice to see an autumn that actually acted as it should.
11. All the men and women who have served in a branch of the military and for those who are currently serving.
12. The ability to make Timothy's ordination stole. As of today, I have finished embroidering one side of the stole.
13. Coffee and chocolate. The best ways to make it through rough days.
14. The library. Our family goes to the library each week (usually on Friday) to find new stories for Levi. He loves turning pages and will sometimes sit still long enough to listen to an entire book.
15. Parks and playgrounds. Levi and I love frequenting the local playgrounds. He loves to slide. One of our favorite parks has a prairie dog habitat.
16. Cooking dinner. I usually prepare dinner so that Levi and Timothy can have time together (and I can have a break). I have tried several new recipes, most of which have been tasty.
17. Support from a congregation in our circuit. When a local congregation's seminary student graduated, the congregation chose to start supporting our family through graduation at the seminary.
18. Family who are visiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family is coming for Thanksgiving and Timothy's is coming before Christmas.
19. The hand bell choir at church. I am learning lots from Linda and the other members.
20. Patient children's leaders at Bible Study Fellowship. Levi can be a trying child. They have patiently waited out his cries and he actually had a good day there this week.
21. A new women's Bible study that is starting in January. It will be once a month for six months. At each meeting we will be cooking a meal together in addition to studying the Bible. I'm excited for this study and the fellowship.
22. A running car that has taken us on lots of adventures.
23. Living within walking distance of church and a wagon to take to and from activities there.
24. Footie pajamas. Levi looks adorable and cozy in them.
25. Multiple grocery stores in town as a way to stretch our grocery budget.
26. Friends who are walking the same journey through seminary. Having friends who understand the challenges of ministry are invaluable.
27. A supervising pastor who values time with family and time to recharge.
28. A warm coat, hat and gloves on a cold day.
29. A hot cup of a tea with my morning devotions.
30. A family that loves each other and enjoys spending time together.

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