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February 4, 2015

Logos Bible Software

I just finished my final distance training session on how to use Logos Bible Software.  You had to commit to three sessions of training with the seminary in order to receive the academic discount, which was the only way we were going to be able to afford to products that I need to really help me in the ministry.  At first, I thought Logos was primarily going to help me in working with the original languages a lot faster and more efficiently.  It does that for sure, but it also does so much more!

It opens up a whole new world with everything it offers.  You can search almost anything in the Bible and it will have some information on it.  For example, if you search for Jesus, it will have a ton of information on Him including painting of Him, family trees, graphics on how He relates to others in different Bible passages, Scripture verses He is referenced in (and what those references are as in if he is the subject or object or indirect object and so on) and all kinds of other stuff.  There are also atlases and all kinds of Bible dictionaries and everything else that you could think of.  There is so much on there I am sure I could go through my whole ministry without even knowing about some of it.

In addition to that though is how you can customize things and create things in Logos.  For example, through the "Personal Book Builder" tool I could compose a "book" of lecture notes, and then through some simple coding I could built it as a book in Logos and it will link to all the scripture references or references in Luther's works or what not.  It is so much customization that you can set it up however you want to make it work exactly how you need/want it to.  I am so excited to really be able to start building off what I have and making great tools to use for my future ministries, including things like Bible Studies and Confirmation and such things.  So much to do and it will be so much fun!

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