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April 15, 2015

Kenya: 5 weeks out

I'm not really sure what I want to write about today. Life has steadily marched forward. We've celebrated another Easter. And today marks three months out from the end of vicarage and more transition for our family. 

But before the boxes are packed and the truck is loaded, Timothy and I are headed to Kenya with five other people for a week long mission trip. We will be running a vision clinic to bring glasses to the people of Kenya. Now you may have heard recently that Kenya was in the news because there was a terrorist attack in the country. Yes, we are still going. Kenya is a big country and we will be working in another area, one away from the attack area. My heart goes out to the people of Kenya who are mourning the death of loved ones lost in this attack. 

Saying that makes me think of the tremendous fear that paralyzes many from traveling abroad and from sharing their faith. I understand that some I will leave at home are terrified for my husband and I to travel abroad. I am not afraid. The Lord provides for and protects his people. Sin is in the world and because of sin, bad things, including terrorist attacks, happen. It is with His love that we reach out and bring hope to others. We can show his love to Kenya through eyeglasses. I have tremendous peace, a peace given to me by my Savior. I am ready to go and serve Him. 

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