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June 29, 2015

Hitting Hard

While getting ready for work today I realized that two weeks from today we will be packing the last boxes in our place.  Two weeks from tomorrow we will be heading back to St. Louis.  While it will be great to see friends and family again, it does not override the deep sadness and heartache that I feel.

As I contemplated this fact this morning, I was reduced to tears.  To me, "home" is where my family is.  This past year Wichita Falls has become our home.  I have grown to love this city and it's people.  Over the past year Our Redeemer has become our "home" congregation.  I knew the risks of getting attached to people that I was going to be leaving in a year, but I threw caution to the wind and I don't regret it at all.  Even in these last few weeks I have gotten to know some of the people in this congregation in at a much deeper level that it is going to make it even harder to say goodbye.

No matter how painful it is going to be to leave, I do not regret making these people my family.  I do not regret making myself vulnerable to these great people at Our Redeemer because in doing so I have had an amazing experience this past year.  I have been filled with so much love and joy by their outpouring into my life.

It is going to be hard leaving them, but I also take comfort knowing that a goodbye in Christ is not a goodbye at all.  I know that they are and will always be my family.  That does not take away the grieving that will take place, but it does give me assurance for the future.

Dear Lord, as we prepare to leave this place which you have brought us, please be with us.  Comfort us as we continue to pack and clean.  Be with Our Redeemer and those who will miss us as well.  Give us all the comfort of your promise, knowing that we will one day see each other again.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen.

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